I work exclusively in these carefully selected areas in order to provide an expert service:

Travel, tourism and hospitality

Brochures, websites, newsletters and more

Marketing and communication

Press releases, articles, websites and more

Audiovisual translation

TV series, movies, documentaries and more

Human rights and international development

Reports, presentations, articles and more

Educational material

Articles, presentations, websites and more

I chose my specialisations according to my skills, interests, professional experience and knowledge.

You can count on my work within these specialisations because of my:

  • Professional background. Before becoming a freelance translator, I worked mainly in the tourism industry (as a hotel receptionist and as a travel agency employee) and in the educational field (as a private English, Spanish and Italian tutor)
  • Academic background: translation studies, linguistic and cultural mediation, marketing and communications, international relations and humanitarian studies
  • Strong interest in cinema and TV series

Did you know?

An ELAN study* highlighted that, out of a sample of nearly 2,000 small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs), 11% of respondents (195 SMEs) had lost a contract because of a lack of language skills (errors in translating/interpreting, lack of cultural affinity and enquiries/requests for information or quotations not followed up constituted 15% of the reasons mentioned by the firms).

* ELAN (Effects on the European economy of shortages of foreign language skills in enterprise) – CILT and InterAct International

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