• Plataforma británica de test de la experiencia de usuarios remotos (WhatUsersDo)
  • Empresa británica de contenido de marketing
  • Fabricante británico de casas móviles (Wellhouse Leisure)
  • Empresa alemana de juegos de azar (Whow Games GmbH)
  • ONGs europeas (The Rosetta Foundation, Open History Project)
  • Hoteles europeos
  • Albergues europeos
  • Empresa francesa de productos de belleza
  • Empresa italiana de servicio de conductores
  • Plataforma online para la reserva de tours, atracciones y actividades (GetYourGuide)
  • Plataforma en español de enseñanza en línea (Wlingua)
  • Operador de viajes de América del Sur
  • Plataforma norteamericana de enseñanza en línea (Coursera)
  • Editorial norteamericana de guías de viajes/aplicaciones
  • Empresa norteamericana del espectáculo y de producción de cine
  • Empresa norteamericana de transmisión de películas en tiempo real [streaming] (Netflix)
  • Plataforma norteamericana de búsqueda en línea

¡Y mucho más!

Estos son varios comentarios sobre mi trabajo

  • «Lorena joined the Italian content team at GetYourGuide in May 2017 to work as a freelance translator, and she has proved to be an essential asset to the team ever since. The quality of her work is impeccable: she always meets deadlines and delivers accurate and engaging content.

    Lorena is also incredibly thorough in her background research and always attentive to the style guide used for the localization of our products, as well as to the feedback provided during proofreading.

    I hope our collaboration will be a long-lasting one and that she will keep improving the quality of our content.»

    Novella De Matteis, Italian Content Editor at GetYourGuide
  • “Lorena ha demostrado ser una grandísima profesional. Hemos trabajado juntas en un proyecto de traducción de artículos para nuestro blog para restauradores y los resultados han sido excelentes. Las traducciones llevadas a cabo por Lorena son de alta calidad; sabe adaptar en todo momento el contenido al idioma y país de destino. Sin duda alguna, recomiendo los servicios de Lorena al 100%.”

    C. Gómez, B2B Online Marketing en El Tenedor, a TripAdvisor Company
  • “I’ve known Lorena since high school and I can honestly say that there is no one more focused, detail-oriented and professional than her. Her long-lasting passion for languages and her extensive experience in the field, topped with several experiences abroad, make her the best choice for your translations. Accurate, reliable and detail-oriented, Lorena is definitely the best partner you can choose for your translations.»

    G. Fontolan, translator and project manager
  • “I’ve known Lorena since 2009. We attended the same university and faculty for foreign languages, where we both worked on a translation project. Undoubtedly, I can say she is a very skilled translator, reliable and smart too. She commits herself in everything she works on and she knows how to deal with customers. I strongly recommend her to anyone’s looking for professional translations, especially in travel, tourism, marketing, communication and audiovisual material fields.”

    M. Chioatto, former colleague at the University of Zaragoza, Spain
  • “Lorena is an amazing translator to work with: she always gives maximum effort and she’s always keen to collaborate. Her translations are perfect, we will surely work with her again if we need her.”

    E. De Polo, Hotel Rovere, Treviso (Italy)


Aquí puedes descargar una copia en PDF de mi portfolio (debido a los acuerdos de confidencialidad con mis clientes, estoy limitada a mostrar solamente una parte reducida de mis trabajos)